Downstream Automation | Robotic Vape Package Loading, Capping, Carton Closing, Labeling

What does the system do?

  1. Operator loads finished vape cart/pen trays onto infeed conveyor
  2. Multi axis robot with custom end of arm tooling will pick individual vape carts/pens and place directly into the secondary packaging (Tube, Carton)
  3. Tubes are conveyed to automatic capping system / Cartons are automatically closed
  4. Closed containers are labeled (wrap, top, bottom), variable information is printed on label
  5. End of line accumulation collects finished containers ready for operators to place into master case

How Fast Does is Run?

The VCDP-35 is capable of cycling at 30-40 picks per minute and is dependent upon the style of secondary packaging.

How Many Operators are Required?

  • 1 operator is required to load finished vape cart/pen trays onto the infeed conveyor
  • 1 operator is required to manually remove finished packages from end of line accumulation

What’s Included?

  1. Infeed conveyance
  2. Pick and Place Robotics (OMRON)
  3. Automatic Capping / Carton Closing System
  4. Labeler
  5. End of Line Accumulation
  6. Centralized Control Panel and HMI with iPad for Remote Control
  7. Safety Guarding

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