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Packaging Automation Technologies

You have already made commitments and substantial investments into the automation needs of your company. From this perspective, you can compare and contrast your current situation of what we bring to the table. We are continually striving to better ourselves and our packaging automation expertise. Educating our team on the latest market innovation. Attending tradeshows. Vetting OEM’S to the highest standards and retaining top industry talent to deliver the utmost quality to our clients.


  • Multi-head combination and linear weigh fillers increase production rates and maintain accuracy
  • Multiple configurations including single systems, twin systems for increase production, multi-zone and can be integrated into any primary package filling system
  • Designed for dry flower and edibles applications


  • Fully automatic solutions including Rotary, Inline, vibratory filling, volumetric filling , piston filling machines.
  • Semi-automatic (XY robotic filler)
  • Platforms designed for dry flower, edibles, oil/tincture, vape cartridges and pre-roll joint applications


  • Typical applications include all primary packaging (cartons, jars, bottles, pouches, pre-roll joint tubes)
  • Options include wrap, corner wrap, tapered side, multi-panel, front/front-back
  • Stand-alone and inline

Product Inspection

  • X-Ray
  • Metal Detection
  • Checkweighing


  • Conveyance solutions for any package, carton, case or tote.
  • Plastic Chain, pocket chain, modular belt, gravity rollers, slat belt, magnetic conveyor, chicaning and multi lane converging and diverging solutions available
  • Product elevation systems
  • Design and fabrication of custom conveyor solutions for your project


  • Manual palletizing assistance solutions
  • Conventional Single Line Palletizer
  • Central Robotic Systems


  • Typical applications include bottles, jars, vape cartridges, pre-roll joints, edibles and more
  • Manual load, fully automatic load, side and top load.

Case Packing

  • Designed for all package types.  Semi-automatic, fully automatic and robotic solutions available

Full Line Integration

  • Pre-Roll Joint
  • Edibles (Gummies, Chocolate)
  • Dry bud/flower
  • Oil/Tincture
  • Capsule
  • Beverage (Still and Carbonated)
  • Drink Crystals (stick pack)

Bottle Unscrambler

  • Organize, sort, orient and Increase production rates by adding a fully automatic
    bottle unscrambler to your production line
  • Low profile, heavy duty, horizontal, linear, vertical and fully integrated unscrambler systems available


  • Fully automatic, rotary chuck capper, inline systems
  • Semi-automatic, table top solutions available
  • Retourqing systems available

Tax Stamp

  • High speed applications (120ppm +)
  • Standalone or incorporated into machinery complexes
  • Various stamp positions on bottles, jars, pre-roll joint tubes, and cartons
  • Sensor or camera stamp detection
  • Fully custom solutions available