Project Development, Delivery & Installation

Packaging Automation Integration Portfolio

Our goal is to achieve maximum line or product efficiency optimization through analysis of our clients existing technologies that recommend changes where necessary such as upgrades, retrofits, replacements and additions to line setups. Having done hundreds of installations throughout North-America our expertise and insight help clients get to where they want to be on budget and on time using some of the following input variables.

  • Current capacity constraints and bottlenecks
  • Phased projects to accommodate capital availability while planning for future growth
  • Alternate or additional package formats for flexibility and savings
  • 100% on line product inspection technologies
  • Line controls integration and reporting of downtime, productivity, and OEE
  • Labor optimization between machine centers and between lines
  • Operator safety as a priority


Dry Bud Flower




Drink Crystals/Stick Packs

Pre-Rolled Joints

Full Line Integretion