A technological partner for the future of packaging

GIMA TT was born flexible as a startup in 2009 and it became an independent company in 2013, basing in a factory in the eastern side of Bologna (Ozzano dell’Emilia, Italy).

Thanks to the long experience in tobacco market and to IMA Group expertise, GIMA TT is able to deliver high quality machines and assure support of innovative projects.

For the conventional products, GIMA TT designed FLEX-Line, a complete line composed by different machines able to be put in a linked or standalone layout, starting from a packer to a cartoner/over wrapper.

Regarding the NGP market there are so many requests of new technologies and solutions for the continuous research of different products.

GIMA TT can propose turnkey solutions, considering also the IMA Group knowhow in so many different fields and markets (pharmaceutical, food, automation, etc.)

The EC-Family machines have been designed just for these particular requests: flexibility and possibility to manage different components and actions in the same machine.

In particular the EC-PILOT is an entry level machine for filling any kind of powder and liquid (e-liquid, nicotine salt, oil, etc.) and capping of pods, tanks and cartridges.

This platform is ideal for customers seeking to manufacture high-quality products. With speeds from 25 products per minute up to 100 ppm, it is able to assure a high flexibility by semi-automatic and fully automatic stations, with simplified, servo-controlled tooling. It also operates at a speed identical to those required for high-volume production, thus transferring de-risked, validated technology directly to high-speed lines. The EC-PILOT is capable of handling multiple pod/cartridge formats with minor adjustments, features precise filling capabilities to avoid product wastage (filling tank pre-heating is also available) and  is equipped with online capping for both press-down and twist caps with quality check of the final product.