Premium Pre-Rolled Cones

High quality, laboratory tested, premium materials

Available in Brite White (bleached) or Natura Brown (unbleached)

Our cones are made with premium paper from France and organic Arabic glue.

Precision Engineering demands quality therefore AutoCone Premium Cones are made to the tightest size and cone weight tolerances

Our cones are designed to work with the world’s first pre-roll automation system the AUTOCONE and are compatible with all pre-roll filling machines including Rocketbox, Knockbox

Custom Logos
Our cones can be customized with your company logo printed on the filter paper both front and back sides (2 logo’s per filter)


Ocean Recovered Plastic – Sustainable Packaging Option

Single Pre-Roll Joint Container

Cosmetic Cap and CR Snap/Flip Top Lid

Sizes Available:

84/26 (1 ¼)

98/26 Standard Regular

109/26 Standard Regular

*More sizes are available upon request*

Don’t see the cone size you are looking for?

Contact one of our representatives for custom orders.