Prime Cone Filler: Improving Output, Quality, and Reducing Cost

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By: Abigail Horner

Cannabis legalization has given Canadian entrepreneurs a world of opportunities for the growth, production and sale of marijuana and its related products. As the market expands, so does the need for new technology to streamline the processing and production of cannabis products, including pre-roll joints.

There are many joint rolling and filling machines on the market from simple single-roll home-use systems, to semi-automated “box” style machines designed for increased production.
But, while all of these offer simplified options for personal and small businesses, there is a growing need for a solution for the commercial market. This is where we come in.

PLAN LP Automation Inc. is excited to offer Canadian LPs our Prime Cone Filler. This fully automated industrial joint-filling and finishing machine encompasses everything LPs need to fill and finish pre-roll joints at a rate to meet demands.

Our Prime Cone Filler features automatic feeding of ready-made cones, filling rate of up to 30-50 joints/min or 2400 an hour, high-accuracy fill (+10%/-0%), and a twist-close finish.


Increase Throughput

LPs who currently manually fill and roll joints find it difficult or impossible to meet the demands of this ever-growing market segment. Current options include personal rollers or semi-automatic machines that tend to be much more time consuming and require atleast some degree of manual labour. At a rate of up to 2400/hr, our Prime Cone Filler can help increase your company’s total throughput in this category while maintaining consistent weights and overall quality of your finished product.


Quality vs. quantity—why choose one?

Quality is one of the major concerns that companies have, when upgrading from a manual to an automated process, in order to meet increasing demands.

Our solution gives LPs the ability to increase production, while maintaining the quality and standard as their current manual process.


Reduce Costs…Increase Revenue

Manually pre-rolled joints typically have a substantial amount of under/overweight finished product, due to the inconsistent cannabis particle sizes/density, unwanted stems and product loss during the rolling process. This often results in the inability to properly track cannabis quantities through the process, and therefore, the potential for revenue loss.

To match the production rate that our machine offers, it would require a multitude of employees working countless hours within the company. Increasing wages, employee benefits, sick days, injuries, etc., are all considerations that must be accounted for with manual labour.


Room for Expansion

Plan LP Automation has developed full-line solutions for pre-roll joints to accommodate the growth of your company. With the option to add additional machines to increase throughput from 2,400 to 12,000 joints per hour, plus the integration of tray loading, tray sealing, shrink sleeve, x-ray or metal detection, cartoning, print and apply labels, case packing, case taping, tax stamp and more, at a rate that meets your company’s needs and demands. This makes it simple and accessible to grow your line as your business increases.

Let Plan LP Automation help your business stay ahead of the market with the most efficient, and effective pre-roll system in the industry. Invest in a truly automated Pre-Roll Joint system and maximize revenue!

Ask us about our full Cannabis Industry Automation Portfolio today!